Curriculum Vitae

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Programming philosophy

Work Experience

  1. May 2012 - Jun 2016Creator/maintainer Goda Tider AB((

    Goda Tider is a financial advisory web site. There has been no active development since 2016. Built with Yii Framework. PHP/MySql

  2. Nov 2007 - Aug 2009Systems Architect/Senior Developer

    We replaced their outsourced internal/external system with an in-house one. My biggest project by far. PHP/MySql

  3. Oct 2006 - Jun 2009Consultant

    Built a payment solution, translation system and performed minor adjustments to an existing anonymization web site. Made a clone of it for PirateBay. PHP/MySql

  4. Feb 2004 - Jun 2005Senior developer

    Complete reconstruction of their existing buy-and-sell web site. PHP/MySql

  5. Mar 2003 - Feb 2004Developer IT-Gruppen

    Built minor web sites for internal use at Arbetsmarknadsavdelningen (~labor section) Malmö City. ASP/Access

  6. May 2000 - Apr 2001Developer Celltribe Business Solutions Lund

    Built web solutions for their portal. Supervised our interns, building an ASP/Access solution for internal use. Java/JSP/PL/SQL

  7. Apr 2000 - May 2000Project manager Celltribe AB Stockholm

    Managed their internal and external development teams. Managed the technical integration of a recently purchased London based company. (Gave it up to finish my Master's degree, which I went on not to :/ )

  8. Oct 1999 - Nov 1999Developer Celltribe

    Built their first product, a WAP service for BIT (Börsens Informationstjänst); the Stock Market Information Service Java/JSP/WML

  9. Education

    1. 2018 - 2019App development, iPhone and Android, Malmö Yrkeshögskola
    2. 1996 - 2001Informatics, Lund University
    3. 1995 - 1996Datateknologi, Lunds Technical College
    4. 1995 - 1995Theoretical Philosophy 1-20(~101), Lund University
    5. 1994 - 1994Psychology 1-20(~101), Lund University
    6. 1991 - 1992Honorary Graduation, Victor Valley High School, CA, USA
    7. 1990 - 1994High School with natural science orientation, Katedralskolan Växjö